Metaethics Notes Mackie Joyce Smith

Reading for Monday Dreier, "Dispositions and Fetishes". Response to Smith’s argument. Assignment Second assignment due Friday Error Theory What should first-order attitudes be? Give up all moral beliefs and practice Social Chaos Fictionalism Accept moral propositions as fictions Acceptance $\neq$ Belief Acceptance is a cognitive state of mind Like an actor accepting the situations of the fiction William James: You can will yourself to belief out of practical concern.

Colloquium: Power and Limits in Algorithm Design

Structures in Algorithm Design: Power and Limits Talk by Hung Le Similar to talk Distance Sparsification in Bounded Geometry Bounded Geometry Bounded Geometry Doubling space for peer-to-peer networks. Finite metric space. identificiation, symmetry, triangle inequality. Doubling dimension. Think of metric space as edge-weighted graph (by distance). Doubling Spaces Distance Sparsification Sparsification Question: Trade-off between stretch and lightness. Application of Spanners Routing ML Distributed Systems Construct Minimum Spanning Tree Kruskal algorithm Add t stretch factor for the determination of adding edge.

Big Data Engineering Notes: NoSQL

Storage and Serialization Data Modeling Important section. Every abstraction hides a complexity of the layer below. Our modeling will need to go to the lowest layer possible to find the best optimization. Impedance Mismatch The disconnect between models of two layers. Locality Fewer seeks/joins and compression options, but more memory used (disk and main). The answer to any specific question, like what is the right level of denormalization, is “depends on the business question.

Error Correcting Codes Notes: Gilbert Bound

Table of Contents Review BSC Singleton Bound Hamming Bound Gilbert Bound Error Correcting Measures Basic Arithmetic GCD Review $Q^n$. $|Q|=q$. $C \subseteq Q^n$. $d_H(x,y).$ $$d_{\min}(C) = \min_{x,y \in C, x \neq y} d_H(x,y)$$ $wt(x)$ = # non-zeros in x. $S_r(x) = \{ y \in Q^n \mid d_H(x,y) \le r \}$ $$|S_r(x)| = \sum_{i=0}^r \begin{pmatrix}n\\i\end{pmatrix}(q-1)^i$$ BSC BSC(p)$_{0 < p < \frac{1}{2}}$. $R$ is an alphabet.

Mind Body Machine Notes: Intellectualist Legend

The Intellectualist Legend The starting point: Behavior does not count as intelligent just because it has a certain shape or form–it could always be the product of luck. It is not intelligent if it has the wrong causal history. Causal history makes not only the external behaviors intelligent, but also the internal behaviors. Those causes themselves need to be intelligent, resulting in a regress. Responses The mentalistic operations can be implicit.