Metaethics Notes Mackie Joyce Smith

Reading for Monday Dreier, "Dispositions and Fetishes". Response to Smith’s argument. Assignment Second assignment due Friday Error Theory What should first-order attitudes be? Give up all moral beliefs and practice Social Chaos Fictionalism Accept moral propositions as fictions Acceptance $\neq$ Belief Acceptance is a cognitive state of mind Like an actor accepting the situations of the fiction William James: You can will yourself to belief out of practical concern.

Philosophy of Love

Philosophy of Love What is Love? Why is Love? Taken from Step 1: Defining Love Elenchus Ordinary Language Philosophy You Following a track of definition based, at least initially, in how love is used Elenchus, the socratic method, attemps to find a “What is” definition OLP, or Oxford Philosophy, goes farther to state that we know what love is already, and any attempts should be to understand these definitions, not redefine them What do you think love is?

Causal Contact

To come to know $\hspace{5mm}$the world about, Is of an effect, a cause. A mind built in the sky $\hspace{5mm}$from contact with the earth. Writing most natural laws.

Mind Body Machine Notes: Intellectualist Legend

The Intellectualist Legend The starting point: Behavior does not count as intelligent just because it has a certain shape or form–it could always be the product of luck. It is not intelligent if it has the wrong causal history. Causal history makes not only the external behaviors intelligent, but also the internal behaviors. Those causes themselves need to be intelligent, resulting in a regress. Responses The mentalistic operations can be implicit.